Andy to appear at Masters Series Event in Sydney

Andrew Hore will join an acclaimed panel of master storytellers, performers, artists and songwriters at the next Masters Series workshop in Sydney, taking place at the historic Mechanics School of Arts.  The aim of the workshop is to present skilled communicators and discover effective strategies for crafting message-based presentations that inspire and motivate audiences.

Taking part in the workshop are:

  • Neil Murray – internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter. Founding member of the Warumpi Band and Neil Murray and the Rainmakers. Awarded the 1995 APRA Song of the Year for My Island Home’.
  • Don Hany – award winning actor of shows such as East West and White Collar Blue.
  • Nigel Sutton – 20 years experience as a professional actor and writer delivering cultural interpretation through theatre.
  • Andrew Hore – cartoonist with MAD magazine and creator of ‘Victor the Viking’ – the mascot for the Raiders Rugby League team.
  • Leonardo de Roma – Italian freelance renaissance painter.
  • Tracey Savage – previously a radio journalist with extensive experience in broadcasting and business development. Tracey is currently a film and documentary maker.
  • John Pastorelli – Event organisor and MC, john is the author of several books and learning resources including ‘Enriching the Experience’.

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As a cartoonist Andy is similar to Tracey (Savage) in being able to hone in on the essence of a situation. Andy provides a different perspective in that his work has a greater reliance on humour so what are some of his ‘humour based’ skills that help to create engaging presentations.”
John Pastorelli

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