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Red Cross 100th Birthday

‘Funnyworks Oz’ attended the Red Cross’ 100th Birthday Bash for a Quick Draw session and had a great couple of hours capturing life stories, thoughts and of course caricaturing a few willing participants!

Some of the images captured will hopefully be on the Funnyworks Oz site soon, as well as other updated cartoons and pics.

ACTCOSS Designing Social Change Conference

‘Funnyworks Oz’ just attended a couple of days quick drawing for ACTOSS Designing Social Change conference at UC and had a blast capturing important social issues through illustration and cartooning.

Lots of interesting and challenging thoughts and perceptions to capture and head down all the time trying to keep up with all the speakers!  Over 10 A2 size pages filled in 3 and a half Р4 hrs over the 2 morning sessions, some which can be seen on my site v soon!