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Yours Truly in City News

‘Funnyworks Oz’ was a feature article in this week’s City News publication, featuring a cover photo of yours truly! A great opportunity to promote the business and inform people about Funnyworks Oz and programs provided for the Canberra Community.  Also some very accurate depictions of me including “maniacal expression of concentration”…too true! 🙂

A study of concentration with a keen sense of fun, Andy is seen striking a familiar pose on the cover of City News in June 2014.

A study of concentration with a keen sense of fun, Andy is seen striking a familiar pose on the cover of City News in June 2014.

Andrew draws the line on funny faces


IT’S been a long road, but cartoonist Andrew Hore is making a living from drawing funny pictures, and he got himself there by combining his lightning fast scribbling skills with social work. “What I do, it mightn’t appear it’s that serious, but I take it awfully seriously,” he says, explaining that the programs he runs have to be meaningful for each group he delivers them to, whether it’s schoolkids or prisoners, people with mental illnesses or those who simply want to learn how to draw cartoons. “I guess the advantage of finding my little niche is that no-one does what I do – touch wood – and I’m thankful for that, but I’ve got to do it properly and that means doing it so it adapts to each group.” Andrew talks fast and he draws fast, too, whipping up a caricature of yours truly in under a minute, looking up every now and then for a split-second glance at his subject, eyes wide, his face a maniacal expression of concentration.  Read the full article here.

Riverina Workshops

I’m off to the Riverina again in a couple of weeks for a series of fun cartooning workshops for kids and adults, as part of Riverina Regional Library Service holiday program.  I’ll be facilitating 11 workshops all around the area from 30th June to 4th July and really looking forward to it.   It was a really successful venture 2 years ago and now I’m back for a second round!

Find out more or book into a workshop by visiting  http://rrl.nsw.gov.au/fun-cartooning/ and more info to come soon.

Cartooning at Carers ACT Branch Out Launch

Funnyworks Oz attended Carers ACT ‘Branch Out’ launch on Wednesday and captured the occasion through Quick Draw!  It was a great turnout including Ricky Stuart giving a speech, media and lots of workers and consumers of the service attending.  I illustrated thoughts and opinions of people, as well as caricaturing those game enough!  A really enjoyable couple of hours and the cartoon interpretations were really well received, which was also great!

“101 Humans” Event at MOAD

Had a great time at MOAD on Wednesday night live caricaturing with another cartoonist as part of the “101 Humans” event.  Lots of drawing towards the end of the event as people had a couple of cocktails in them and became more relaxed about being captured on paper. Legendary local cartoonist and mentor way back Geoff Pryor attended for a Q&A!    That alone made it a really good night.