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Raiders Take Bark Out Of Dogs

The Raiders have at last maintained some consistency and had another gutsy win at Canberra Stadium, this time against those Doggies!  Victor is getting back to his boisterous self and this week’s cartoon can be viewed on the below Raiders site link.


Sailing Into Eye Of A Storm

The Raiders continue their journey into further stormy waters after another loss, this time  in the wet against the Eagles.  After equalling their worst ever losing sequence, it only gets harder against their harshest opponent who seem to have the wood over the Raiders down there.  Click on the thread below to see this week’s Victor cartoon and how he might be “riding the storm”!


Another Mauling For the Raiders

Another terribly disappointing day at the office for the Raiders at home, after being absolutely belted again by Benji and those Tigers.  Victor is absolutely busted this week and there doesn’t appear any relief in sight in this harsh NRL jungle…………but let’s not give up just yet!  You can view this week’s Victor the Viking cartoon by clicking on the Raiders site link below, or by visiting my flickr site.