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Victor Cartoon Now On Raiders Site

Refreshed and injury free, Victor the Viking is back on the website of the mighty Canberra Raiders each week during the regular season – and hopefully well into September and October!  Visit the Raiders website onto the the “Game Day” button, then follow and click onto the “Victor the Viking” site each week and check out his performances.


Victor Cartoon Back On Canberra Raiders Website!

Look for “Victor the Viking” cartoon next time you log onto the website of the mighty Canberra Raiders – there will be an intro Victor and a fresh cartoon a couple of days after the Raiders v Wests Tigers game on Monday.  Love my footy!

Victor Will Be Back!

After an extended couple of seasons on the sidelines (long term groin injury), Victor the Viking cartoon will hopefully be making a comeback in the very near future – only bigger and better!  You will be able to visit Victor’s weekly cartoon on the Raiders’ website (all goin’ well) as well as being able to enjoy him in a longer comic strip  format – and yes, you will also be able to purchase him online.  Hopefully he’ll fit under your salary cap!  Stay tuned to this blog for any updates.

‘A Changing Landscape’ Seminar

An interesting and informative afternoon presented by the good people of CAL who now represent us creative types so we don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous corporations who use our material again and again and for other purposes than agreed!  Well this was the main message I absorbed whilst not thinking of funny cartoons – actually, it was a worthwhile seminar and it had a great lunch (all free).  Seriously, it’s good to know that there is a copyright agency out there who ensure transparency and ethical standards from businesses after an agreement is made between them and us creative type, so we still earn a percentage on our work being used more than once (after I absorbed that it became technical about ebooks and ipads – and I have a Homer Simpson type brain).

The Changing Landscape of Cartooning

I will be attending a seminar at the National Library on Friday 4th June on ‘the impact of technology upon the publishing and arts industries’.  The sessions will cover topics such as copyright, digital content and sales royalties…phew.  Sounds a bit dry in some areas, but obviously an important part of the industry and will also be a great opportunity to meet some creative types a lot more illustrious than myself.   And the whole thing’s free!  I’ll keep you posted.